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믿고 먹는 푸딘코
About Foodinko
Foodinko's Growth and the Leap Forward.

With CNP FOOD Company's F&B business and a total investment of 5.1 billion won,

Foodinko is shifting from the stabilization phase to establish itself as a cutting-edge IT platform company.

맛집 지도앱 '푸딘코',  신기술조합서 35억 투자 유치

Foodinko, the restaurant mapping app, secures a 3.5 billion won investment from a cutting-edge technology consortium.

[Financial News] F&B startup CNP Company announced on the 17th that its subsidiary 'Foodinko,' the restaurant mapping app, secured an investment of approximately 3.5 billion won from the New Technology Investment Association this month. This follows a 1.6 billion won investment from Cedars Ventures in March

매출 120억 아우어베이커리 매각…도전장 낸 CNP컴퍼니

CNP Company's 12 Billion Won Sale of Our Bakery: Paving the Way for Future Challenges

[Chosun Biz] Unveiling Taste Sniper Brands for the 10s and 30s, Including Our and Dosan Bunsik Expanding Beyond the Restaurant Industry into the Wider Retail Sector with Nice Market "A Branding Strategy Tailored to the Space...Setting Sail for Entry into the US"

KB국민카드, '퓨처나인' 7기에 선정된 푸딘코



푸딘코, 플랫폼 부문 '2323 4IR Awards 수상



생성AI가 소믈리에처럼 와인 추천...푸딘코, '챗와인' 업뎃



푸딘코, 플랫폼 부문 '2323 4IR Awards 수상



생성AI가 소믈리에처럼 와인 추천...푸딘코, '챗와인' 업뎃



Certification Status
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벤처기업확인서와 기업부설 연구소 인정서

푸딘코 벤처기업확인서와 기업부설 연구소 인정서

푸딘코는 벤처기업확인서와 기업부설 연구소 설립증을 받은 기업

Member Of Foodinko
The Foodinko Team

Foodinko is presently a 20-member strong team, led by development groups with extensive experience in big tech.

푸딘코 팀의 구성원
Foodinko Welfare
Foodinko's Company Culture and Employee Benefits

Foodinko's Creations: 'Our Bakery', 'Dosan Bunsik', 'Nice Weather', and More. Born as a spin-off from CNP Company, a name resonating with the MZ generation.

We're a team of diverse professionals in fashion, food, branding, and design.

Our culture thrives on unconventional thinking, and as we evolve alongside CNP Company, we continue to share a unique cultural identity.

팀원들의 휴식을 지원합니다

I've got my teammates' backs when it comes to their well-being.

🏝 Monthly 'Oasis' getaway

🚀 Generous annual leave

📆 Flexitime: Option to choose your shift (9:30-10:30 am)

🚌 Early Departure: Leave 30 minutes early with our Early Leave System

🧢 No After-hours Meetings: We value your personal time!

🧑🏻‍⚕️ Half-day off for medical check-ups

💐 Compassionate support for Congratulations and Condolences leave and expenses

팀원들을 위한 편의를 제공합니다

We've got your back with these perks:

🍚 Lunch Allowance

💳 CNP Employee Discount Card

☕ Unlimited Free Coffee and Tea

🏠 Housing Support via our Property Assistance Program

🚗 50% Off Nearby Public Parking

🧧 Lunar New Year and Chuseok Holiday Gifts

🍰 Birthday Treat with half day off

팀원들의 몰입과 성장을 지원합니다

Empowering team members to
[thrive and evolve]

🧑🏻‍💻 Providing essential office equipment and supplies

🍛 Supporting late-night meals

🚕 Assisting with late-night transportation

💻 Supplying state-of-the-art equipment

📚 Facilitating book acquisitions